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Earnewâld is a cosy water sports village in the middle of De Alde Feanen National Park, a vast wetland area in the heart of Friesland between Leeuwarden and Drachten. It is very popular with nature and water sports enthusiasts. Although it is very peaceful and quiet compared to the Frisian lakes in southwestern Friesland, there is plenty to do! Earnewâld plays host to various major events in the summer, such as the annual fair and one of Friesland's most well-known events, the “skûtsjesilen” [a Frisian regatta with skûtsjes, in particular, the races organised by the Sintrale Kommisje Skûtsjesilen (SKS) and the Iepen Fryske Kampioenskippen Skûtsjesilen ( IFKS)]. Earnewâld is a stage for, and a participant in, the annual sailing competition with former cargo sailing ships. The narrow waterways where the contest is held near Earnewâld guarantee spectacular action.


There are plenty of accommodation options in Earnewâld. For example, there are several highly-regarded B&Bs and apartments. The Princenhof Hotel offers stylish accommodation on the waterfront, and Earnewâld also has a wide variety of holiday homes. These range from idyllic, secluded cottages surrounded by nature that are only accessible by boat, to luxury bungalows in the bungalow resort. The camping options range from luxury glamping on a five-star camp site to basic camping on a nature camp site. If you arrive by boat, you can make use of various marinas, all of which have excellent facilities and WiFi. Earnewâld has great group accommodation right next to the water.
There are also plenty of gastronomical options in Earnewâld. These include beautifully-situated terraces on the water, or one of the many places to eat. In the evening, you can enjoy a great three-course meal in one of the restaurants. For visitors and tourists who wish to stay longer in Earnewâld, there are supermarkets offering fresh food daily.


Active tourists can enjoy beautiful hiking and cycle routes. There are various hiking and cycle routes on this site. There are several bike rental companies in the village. De Alde Feanen National Park is ideally suited for exploration by boat. To avoid getting lost in the maze of lakes, ditches and bog pools, you will find information on various boating routes here. There are several boat rental companies in Earnewâld, where you can rent everything from a sturdy rowing boat to a luxury electric boat. If you prefer to relax while someone else takes the helm, you can book a cruise. De Alde Feanen National Park is also known for its great canoe and SUP facilities. Some parts of the nature area can only be reached by canoe and SUP. You can rent a canoe or SUP from various rental companies. If you would like more information about this very special nature area, we recommend you visit De Alde Feanen National Park Visitor Centre. They will be happy to provide you with information about the area, and they also organise many excursions and activities. Earnewâld also has much to offer in terms of culture: it has no less than three museums and a gallery. In the summer months there is a wide range of activities for young and old, including hiking, cycle and boating trips, skûtsjesilen, cruises, activities for children, outdoor activities and much more. There are several providers of group activities for groups of friends, family groups, companies and staff associations.

To sum up, Earnewâld is surprisingly diverse and offers recreational activities for young and old. It is a perfect place for a short or long holiday, or simply a day out or a pleasant walk on Sunday afternoon. On this site you will find an overview of the facilities and activities that Earnewâld has to offer. You are very welcome – “oant sjen”, (see you soon) we hope!


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